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Why is my post not online?

All posts have to be validated. Validation is done on regular basis, but might take in rare cases up to 24h.

Please check whether your post applies to the rules:

General Regulation
1. No abusive or sexual language should be used.
2. Posts should not be repeated every few days. Job market posts stay online for 1 month
3. Do not write your email address in message but only in mentioned field

Pin Board
It only publishes search, offers and announcements. No opinion exchange will be published. All discussions and opinions should be on the forum.
Commercial ads should not be published on the forum, unless published in the section “search and offers”.

Job Page Regulations:
Due to several requests we decided to publish only offers with detailed information.
The job offer should include:

Organization/ Company and location
Job description (with details)
Contact name and title
If available use official email address (not yahoo, gmail etc addresses).
Posts with official email addresses pass easier.

Click here to send us an email.

How often are posts validated?

Unfortunately we have to validate all posts due to rising misuse.
Validation is done by the team several as fast as possible, but can in very rare cases take up to 24h.

How can I advertise on has more than 5000 visitors monthly/ over 70 unique visitors per day.
70% of the visitors are male.
The site is owned and managed by SharmPRO. Please contact SharmPRO through our contact form.